We craft love. It is our common purpose at Romolo Chocolates, and we are a proud team that has been crafting chocolates and confections for more than 25 years.

Our vision includes preserving our roots in pure and local ingredients, while exploring new flavors and processes. It also includes continually seeking engaged and dedicated employees. Each facet of our vision and the growth it fosters is directed by our values.

At Romolo Chocolates, our founder, Tony Stefanelli, encourages our core value of Giving. The company gives to its team through one-on-one support, continuous training, gold-tier benefits and policies. Both the company and our team give to our customers through personalized, focused service and community support. Team members give to each other with their respect and self-care. We embrace values of intentional quality, environmental benefit and dedication to our team. 

Ultimately, our culture directs our work and our relationships. It contains principles that guide us every day to craft exemplary confections, ice cream, cookies and more, as well as work as a team and give the gift of an amazing multi-sensory experience to each of our customers.