Corporate Sales

When your company gives Romolo Chocolates, your clients immediately know you have excellent taste — and you value their business.

Your clients open your gift and discover the fresh, creamy taste of our milk chocolate, or the rich, semi-sweet taste of our dark chocolate, and fall in love. Wouldn’t you like to be the object of their affection?

You can choose to give:

  • chocolate business cards

  • a chocolate bar made from your company logo

  • a gift box filled with confections

  • theme-specific solid chocolate items like cell phones, cars, boats, aspirin, animals and more

  • many other custom chocolate products

Of course, chocolate has a bonus of proven benefits including lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow to the brain and lowering the risk of certain cancers. The cacao bean has more health-promoting plant flavonoids than broccoli or brussel sprouts, and more antioxidants than red wine, green tea and blueberries.

Be creative. Be competitive. Differentiate yourself in your market. Contact us today toll free at 888.799.7797 to talk chocolate.