Shake Fantasies

It's your choice--build a shake with any of our current ice cream flavors, fresh milk and whipped cream, or experience a signature shake made only at Romolo Chocolates Cocoa Cafe. We feature:

Vanilla Cola Shake 

Vanilla ice cream, cola syrup, crumbled sugar cone 

Birthday Cake Shake 

Vanilla ice cream, birthday cake syrup, cupcake bits 

Caramel Banana Granola Shake 

Granola, half a banana, hot caramel, granola ice cream 

Creamsicle Shake 

Your choice of sherbet, vanilla ice cream 

Fruitylicious Shake 

Orange juice, your choice of fruity sherbets (add a banana!) 

Mint Brownie Shake 

Brownies, hot fudge, mint chocolate chunk ice cream 

Chai Shake 

Romolo Chai, vanilla ice cream 

PB Pretzel Shake 

PB, chocolate-covered pretzels, vanilla ice cream 

Sponge Candy Shake 

Sponge candy, butterscotch, sponge candy ice cream 

Mocha Shake 

Two shots espresso, hot fudge, chocolate ice cream